Sunday, July 19, 2015

The World to Me

To all the people who've
Encouraged me
Prayed for me
And just cared about me
You mean the world to me
You're kinder than I'll ever deserve you to be
And it makes me feel so small and humble
And I pray that I can return the kindness
If not to you, to some other kind soul
Who needs a little uplifting

We stopped at a small gas station and got some ice cream cones
And the very southern young man in front of us
Insisted on paying for all 3 of ours
As we walked out to the car,
Another gentleman insisted on lifting my aunt's walker into the car
My first reaction may have been
I'm not an invalid!
But then I felt a little upset that the feminism movement
Has made me feel like it's an insult to be treated so kindly and with such dignity

I received a text tonight, such a small thing
From a woman who has been through so much in life
Yet she's one of the sweetest women I've ever had the chance to meet
It made me cry, those few kind words
She told me that God had big plans for me
And she promised to be praying.
It was just one of those little things that comes exactly at the moment you need it most.

And I pray that God can use me like that.


  1. asjkdlfksdjdlj
    this nearly made me tear up <3 it is beautiful, and i love it to bits.

    thank you for this post xx

  2. echoing elisabeth's comment. just wow. and i needed this today.
    believe me, God has just used you in this way.