Friday, November 27, 2015

In the Midst

Memories // flashing through my mind
and it still doesn't seem real
that you aren't here, my dear. 
But God is here // in this moment
He's teaching me things
that I never would have understood before.
I see beauty // where I've never seen it
the wind blowing through the trees
breaking the silence of the afternoon
spreading peace and whispering God's love.
the tears // they still fall down my cheeks
but this hope grows inside my heart
because one day I'll join you // in that perfect place
and I can't imagine how beautiful it must be
when I look around at the beauty He's placed here
and when I think about your smile already there.

Oh God, I marvel at Your mercy
at how You could make something beautiful
out of something so dark.
At how You give us so much hope
in the midst of such overwhelming sadness. 
I long for Your love // even as I feel its embrace
and I need You, now // not more than I ever have before
but perhaps I am just becoming more aware of it.

So let me fully rely on You, Lord,
and trust Your perfect vision to guide me
// in the paths that I should go.


  1. *falls out of chair and into the carpet* LORRAINE.

    L O R R A I N E. Oh goodness, girl, can I just hug you? Because there is so much beauty in this world. They talk about growing up and seeing the hurt and evilness of the world -- but do they not realize the beauty? The sunsets that just SURPRISE YOU so gloriously, the green pines that sing freedom in those crazy wild mountains, rivers that rage fierce, and the people who love so much. God is here. God is love. He is every thing I want to have. I ADORE HIM.

    Oh goodness. I long for our King, our Father. I long for our true Home. Squee.


    1. yes, yes there is. how can we be anything but grateful?

  2. I appreciate your openness, Lorraine and I hurt with you as you adjust to the "new". If there
    is a way I can help let me know, because I'm not always sure what to do! It IS AWESOME to see and meet with God in different times and places! He will NEVER fail us! Love you!

    1. Thank you so much for that. Praise be to God for His infinite love and you!