Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty Wins

(Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good picture of an orange rose?!)

Tonight I was scrolling through Facebook
Reading posts that my friends had shared
Thinking of conversations past
When I began to realize a very stark difference.

Some posts were beautiful, making my heart and soul joyful
While others were dark and sad and bleak
Well you say, some people have just experienced more hardship
But I beg to differ.
Some of the most beautiful thoughts I've seen
Have come from hearts that have experienced indescribable pain.
Yet they look to God and praise Him through it all;
Yet others, seem to want to cast blame and point fingers
For offenses that seem so small in comparison.

But God doesn't compare;
He loves us all, no matter our past.
He cares about our hurts and He doesn't want us to bear them alone.
All we have to do is cast our worries upon Him,
And He will protect us and comfort us like a mother hen does her chicks.

What is more beautiful than that, my friend?
An omnipotent God who cares about me.
A loving Father waiting to remove all my cares
Just waiting to give me indescribable peace in the midst of the storm.
If only I would turn to Him, instead of pointing my fingers in condescension.
How can I dwell on the bad that has happened to me, when there is so much good?

Oh Father, make me more like the simple rose.
Who turns her face toward the rain
Knowing that her almighty Creator
Is standing there, just out of sight
Commanding the storms to bring her life-giving water.


  1. OH MY GOSH I AM FALLING OFF MY CHAIR THIS IS SO GOOD OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN make me more like the simple rose. i pray it i pray it i pray it.

  2. "Well you say, some people have just experienced more hardship
    But I beg to differ."

    Ok first of all, what Cally said is perfect. Second, oh my word. this is so good. and i was just reading a book and in it someone said, "everyone has something, some are just better actors than others." which i know doesn't have a lot to with this post but that and the line above struck me as similar. and that simple rose....Yes.

    1. hmm, I like that quote. Though I don't think these people are acting. They're just choosing to focus on what they're grateful for more than the bad stuff...like the simple rose does <3