Friday, December 18, 2015

Broken before Great

Broken and worthless
Shards of clay scattered across the room.
The consequences of hot water in a cool pot
Just moments before so beautiful
Intricate patterns perfectly aligned.
That proud little pot failed to realize
Where those designs had come from.
Surely a pot so beautiful could accomplish much
With little need for help from less perfect pots.

Small and frail
The pieces lay broken by nothing more than a little water.
All hope was lost
Until the loving Creator reached down
And glued the pieces back together again.
This time, with the help of the Potter,
The little pot would accomplish much.
No one would notice how beautifully perfect the pot was,
But they would all marvel at what she could survive.

This is part of a series that I'm going to be continuing over the next week. Stay tuned, lovelies  <3