Thursday, December 17, 2015


My mom sent me some snapchats of my doggie, Eugene. 

I miss him so much, but I couldn't take him to Iowa with me, so my family takes care of him.

 I recently sent him a few gifts... he liked some of them better than others. lol

Like this toy deer that squeaks.

Silly dog. 

He's already tore most of the stuffing out. 

He loves his toys half to death, I dare say. 

However, he didn't like these antlers that I sent him quite as much. 

How ungrateful. He's so cute in them though. 

Look at those eyes - "Why are you doing this to me, mother?"

We call him Eu-genius sometimes. He's very smart.

I call him Eugeney-bean. Because he's so adorable. 

Seriously. I love my puppy. 


  1. AWWWWEEE YOUR PUPPY IS THE CUTEST THING ON THE PLANET. ahem. I apologize, dogs in antlers always kill my heart xD <3


    1. Isn't he? *Sigh* I just adore him <3 And thanks (: