Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lightning or Rain


your words were like hail
leaving marks on my soul.
your words were unedited, unminced and obvious.
like thunder in the distance,
you thought they would not touch me
but you forgot that thunder is created by lightning,
and lightning burns all it touches, love.

and when the bolt hit me,
my soul absorbed its energy
(in an attempt to survive)
but now,
your voice is stuck inside my head
and all i can hear is
you'll never be good enough.


your words were like rain
with the sun shining through
washing my soul, bringing life to my wilting mind.
like a shower in the springtime,
you had no idea the strength they would provide.

and when the storm was over,
your kindness was what refreshed me.
and now your words are in my head
and i took the time to save them
like raindrops in a jar,
because rain is the only thing 
that can dampen the sting of lightning.  


are you the lightning or the rain
in someone else's day?

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