Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Memories in the Walls


these walls are filled with memories.
moments etched in time
and forever saved in my mind.
the silence of this hour
makes them scream even louder.
until everything is painted by nostalgia. 

this room cannot be forgotten.
even when you aren't here
it is filled with your presence.
and i can still feel your gaze
through time's stubborn haze.
and for a moment, i forget. 

this place will forever be unchanged
because in my mind,
i'm going back in time.
reliving those moments that made me cry.
and wishing i could redo it all, with a sigh.
because time changes everything, love.

the world is spinning slowly, dear.
and the conversations that replay
make the night seem like day
because your laughter is still in my ears
and your smile is all i can hear.
these memories leave no room for fear.

1 comment:

  1. "these memories leave no room for fear." Ahhhhh. *sighs* What a beautiful tribute to nostalgia! I love nostalgia.