Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thankfulness ~ Weather & Seasons

A sound of laughter and merriment echoes down the hallway,
Interrupting the quiet solitude of my space for a fleeting moment.
A feeling that I can't quite explain springs up inside of me;
Thoughts and memories bring about an awakening of contentment.
A smile makes its way first to my eyes, and slowly to my lips;
Gratitude steadily surrounds my heart with its lovely sentiment.

The warmth of the sun's smile as it kisses my cheeks.
The playful wind's gentleness as it tugs at my hair.
The affectionately soft hug from the grass as I rest.
The dutiful rain as it drudges down my windows.
The compassionate whisper of the ocean.
The hushed chatter of the trees.

The beautifully fickle clouds as they sail across the sky;
One moment majestic and grand, the next dark and foreboding.
The humble caress of the sand against my wandering feet.
The deep reassurance from the thunder as I lie asleep.
The blushing glance from the oaks as they wait for winter.
The awe-inspiring power of the stars, filling the night sky with glitter.

The soft crunch of my footstep on the forest carpet.
The refuge of my jacket against the cruel winter air.
The pristine purity of the snow, as it blankets the world in white.
The silence of the snow flakes as they fall;
They must be INFPs, with their quiet and slow descent -
As if they are savoring every moment of their journey.

These are the things that make my heart beat in thanksgiving.
These are the things that make every day seem lovely.


  1. This is beautiful, as is all your writing :)

    1. Sorry that my response is so late... Thank you very much, that means a lot to me.