Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moments of Connection


like the sunshine filtering through my window
your voice touches my soul with its warming caress.
these are just words.
these are only moments, glimpses of time.

like a brushstroke in a painting,
like a chord in a song.
a simple moment of connection
on the canvas of our lives.

we don't see the bigger picture
but we feel the connection of the moment.
we feel the thread binding us together
until our lives become intertwined.

we listen to the song for the first time,
and we marvel at each chord.
      some happy, some sad, and some that don't make sense at all.
but we don't know yet how we will feel when the song is over.
these emotions change so suddenly,
like fireworks in the sky, or like gnats flitting around an apple.
we live our life in moments, by feeling deep emotions.

our lives are a concert, love,
we don't just get one song.
and i don't know how i'll feel when this song is over, love,
but i know how i feel in this moment,
and all i can say is there is beauty in the deep.
so much beauty in the deep.

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