Thursday, November 10, 2016



You know, the more I get to know you, the more confused I get. 
     she mused.
      Believe me, if I could understand myself, I wouldn't spend so many sleepless nights. 

we don't know who we are
until we discover it.

i've found that my pet peeve is being stereotyped.
i'm not a stereotype.
i can't be put in a box, so take me out.
i'm full of contradictions,
an enigma that doesn't make sense.
but i like it that way.
most of the time.

i am an explorer of new ideas, new experiences.
i have a bucketlist a mile long.
and some of the things on there would shock you.
believe me, i don't lie.

my world is a happy one,
filled with beauty.

you look at me, but you only see the surface.
you see the wave-crests but not the ocean.
you see the surfer, but not the reef.
you see the dolphins, but not the seahorses.

i don't feel in halves.
my passion is deep,
deeper than you've ever swam, love.
my joy is your elation,
my sadness is your despair.
and you back away because it scares you.
and i let you, because i get it.
believe me, it scares me too, love.

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