Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rough Patch

i hit a rough patch in life.
hatred from my past popping up to haunt me.
there's an insecure little girl staring at me in the mirror.
you'll never be good enough! they taunt her.
and she chooses to believe them.
and it makes me hate her.
so i turn up the pressure, pressure to be perfect.
and i fail.
in the process, hurting more than just myself.
but then my friends come along,
they whisper their love for me,
when i can't seem to love myself.
my family picks me up off the floor,
and they say i'm beautiful, and i'm enough.
when i feel anything but.
oh these beautiful people that i'll never deserve.
i love them all so much it hurts.

to all of you, who have been my lifeline.
who have accepted me despite my mistakes.
you know who you are.
thank you, a million times a million.

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