Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Birthday Though.

call it a quarter life crisis. 
except who knows if i'll live to 100. 
probably not, you know. 

i'm not sure what i'm doing. 
what have i accomplished? 
really, truly? 
nothing of importance. 
i haven't changed the world.

i have big dreams. 
they scare me, 
they would you too, believe me. 
but when am i going to do them? 

goodness, i hate that. 

yes, that's a creme brulee cupcake. 
i have awesome friends. 

my week started out with glow-bowling.

then my aunt treated me to seafood.
and grandma treated me to italian. 
{i'm seriously spoiled}

these lovely ladies surprised me with a party at molly's cupcakes. 
they are so, so sweet. 
{thanks, Sally, for the picture}

then it was cousin's night with japanese.

oh, and opening gifts / skyping with the fam in indiana

so many cards, with the sweetest notes
{you wouldn't believe it}

flowers from grandma.
more cupcakes from grandma. 
{she's my favorite ;-) }

a surprise waiting at my door from my favorite co-worker 
and so so so much love. 
{i couldn't handle it}
you all are so amazing. 

and it's not over yet!
{drake game with my best friend on saturday}
{so so spoiled}
seriously, though.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I didn't even want to celebrate this year because I was a little sad about how old I am lol. But my friends/family had other ideas, obviously. (:

  2. Such a sweet celebration! Happy Birthday!