Thursday, December 8, 2016

Only Aware of You


the chatter of conversations fades into the background
dozens of people in the room, but i'm only aware of you
and i pray to God that you won't notice
     my racing heart, quick breath, or shaking hands
i can feel your gaze even though i'm not looking
i sense the kindness in your soul
and as you start talking, like it's the easiest thing in the world, love,
i scream at my mind to stop spinning.
and pray that you can forgive my short answers.
because in that moment, all i can see
is the splash of color that you're wearing
all i can feel is the accidental brush of your hand
and your eyes overflowing with kindness.
this is a tennis match and you're giving me easy passes
asking me simple questions that i should be able to answer
but i can't even return them
and so you just grab another ball.
you set me up perfectly, a chance i can't resist
and even though my humor falls short,
you give me the music that i long for
that care-free - that breath-taking laugh
and i smile at the beauty of the moment
but when i go home i cry at my mistakes.

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