Thursday, December 1, 2016


death is cruel and relentless
the last time i saw you was awhile ago
but i didn't know it would be the last
i knew you were sick
cancer they said
and you looked tired and weak
but still full of so much love and kindness
you were a role model to everyone that met you
and i'm not sure if you even knew it
because you were always so humble and giving
always so generous, with your time, energy, and love
and that sweet, sweet voice - i'll never forget it
i heard that you left us today
and i cried
i cried for selfish reasons
i cried remembering all the good memories
i cried thinking of your family
i cried because home won't be the same
but then i thought of you,
and how you have no more pain
how you are in the glory of Jesus now
and how lovely your voice must sound
      worshiping your Creator, like it was made to do
and it gave me peace through the tears
your race is done, you've won your crown
and i can't imagine the lovely smile that is gracing your face
heaven is looking brighter every day.

we will miss you, Barb.
but you are on to so much better things. 

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