Sunday, December 11, 2016



i've made a discovery throughout life

some people are like under-baked casseroles
warm and friendly on the outside,
but once you take a bite you realize
they are cold and nasty on the inside.

other people are like winter coats
cool and hard to get to know on the outside,
but once you put them on you realize
they are actually warm and friendly.

still others are like candles
spreading warmth and cheer
no matter whether you know them or not
they are constant and generous.

finally are those like an ice box
locked up tightly from the outside world
and once you crack them open
they are just as cold and unforgiving on the inside.

and may we all choose to be the candles.
or if not that, at least the coat
because even if it doesn't light the world,
it can keep those closest to them alive.

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