Friday, December 2, 2016



let's just take this slow, love
i'm not good with words
i've never danced before
and this conversation
(can i call it that?)
feels like i keep stepping on your feet
and moving to the wrong beat

you're more graceful than i
so you try to cover it up for me
you somehow manage to catch the ball
that i tossed in such a hideous pass

don't give up on me,
i promise one day we will click
one day we'll start dancing
and we'll feel the rhythm in our souls

to all the people who talk to me, even on days when i just can't do words: you're amazing, fantastic, lovely, and generous. i couldn't do this thing called life without all you amazing people. thank you for being patient with me and for overlooking my conversation inadequacies ;) i've long held this idea that there is an inverse relationship between your ability to talk and your ability to write. i'm not sure if that's a good excuse or not, so you can take it or leave it. lol

to the extroverts of the world (and especially one who i call my best friend): i absolutely adore you. you make life easier, i could listen to you all day (literally). i especially need to shout out to my bestie who has put up with so much more than anyone ever should lol. she's sat through the longest silences and never once been awkward on the other side. she's also put up with my late night extrovertism when i have to remind myself to let her speak. (it's true, i'm serious) and she still loves me, just the same.

to the introverts of the world: i love you too. you "get" my quiet. you don't judge me for my lack of expression. you don't have unrealistic expectations of how much should be said. it may be harder for us to become friends (but i don't even think that because i've had more introvert friends than extrovert), but once we become friends, the connection is so deep, so real. 

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