Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lyric Mania

a lot of writers read books like crazy. i've never been much of a reader though - i am much more fascinated with the way lyrics can convey such profound meaning in such a short amount of space. anyone can write a thousand words and get their point across, but can you get your point across in 20 words? and when you combine this dynamite with music, the ability to relay emotions is unfathomable. music is phenomenal, breath-taking, inspiring. here's a glimpse into some lyrics i'm currently obsessed with.

If you wanna see a change
You gotta love with your life
If you wanna see a change
You gotta love with your life

When I die, put my ashes in the trash bag
I don't care where they go
Don't waste your money on my gravestone
I'm more concerned about my soul
Everybody's gon' die
Don't everybody live though

Listen, yeah everybody wants change
Don't nobody wanna change though
Don't nobody wanna pray
Till they got something to pray for
- NF

If you can hold the stars in place
You can hold my heart the same
Whenever I fall away
Whenever I start to break
So here I am, lifting up my heart
To the one who holds the stars
- Skillet

I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
I know it's hard sometimes
Pieces of peace in the sun's peace of mind
I know it's hard sometimes

"I'd die for you," that's easy to say
We have a list of people that we would take
A bullet for them, a bullet for you
A bullet for everybody in this room
But I don't seem to see many bullets coming through

I've been thinking too much
I've been thinking too much
-Twenty One Pilots

Something inside me's changed
I was so much younger yesterday, oh
I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you
- Hailee Steinfeld

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