Friday, September 23, 2016



They are so good, so kind.
So generous and forgiving.
I smile and you smile back.
A simple gesture that signifies the core of humanity.
I view the world in awe and wonder.
Marveling at how nice others are to me,
And how little I deserve it.
I mean, I feel like I get complements 
Way more than I give them out. 
People help me accomplish things,
More than I help them.
Am I a bad human?
I don't mean to be.
But people are just so brilliant.
So beautiful. 
Yes, flawed as well -
But so human.
Are there mean people?
Do they disappoint?
Of course.
But there's too much good,
And life is much too short,
To be focused on all the evil.
Let's celebrate life, let's celebrate love.
Let's live life to the fullest and forgive and forget.
Let's run to the ledge and gasp at the beauty.
Let's get drunk on the sunshine and live in the light.
Let's fall in love and have no regrets.
Let's find the beauty and ignore the hate.


  1. Amen! Thanks for this reminder to keep on the sunny side of life. xx