Thursday, September 22, 2016

Your Memory

A year ago, we woke up with happy hearts,
To a beautiful, lovely day.
Completely unsuspecting of what it would hold.
Completely unaware of heartbreak, tears, and sorrow
We would experience before its 24 hours were up.

I still remember that car ride home.
Its joy and peace stands in stark contrast to the next hours -
Some of the darkest moments of our lives.
God took our hands as time seemed to slow -
My mom's phone rang as we were getting out of the car.
Caller ID said it was my aunt, but I couldn't even recognize her voice.
And as we arrived back at the scene,
Our lives were completely thrust into a nightmare that none of us could stop,
But God would help us through.
The darkness of night broken by a half dozen ambulances.
The embrace of family as we watched them rush our little cousin to the life line -
     when you are too weak to stand in your own strength, so you hold each other up.
The agony of waiting for news in the quiet hospital waiting room as the rest of the world lay asleep.
Yet all the pain that gripped our hearts was no match for the love and grace of God.

Truly, we didn't know what our next days would hold,
Or how we could ever survive.
But we also didn't understand the greatness of our God.
I now believe that there are parts of God that you can only understand
After experiencing immense and immeasurable grief.
It is something I cannot explain, but He was with us, through it all.

How fitting that your final hours were spent at church.
Your last song was Jesus Loves Me.
And as your angel came to take you home,
I believe you were so happy and excited to go.

God gave us so many promises, so many reassurances of His love and greater plan.
Right before the accident Brooklyn's mom and sister saw a beautiful blue light in the sky which we have never seen before or after. We believe Brooklyn died at the scene and her angel came to take her home - maybe even by horseback...

This picture of Brooklyn with its quote was created several weeks before the accident, and Brooklyn helped pick out the quote.

There were so many little ways that God wrapped His love around us.
And He continues to do so...
Memories of Brooklyn's love of horses, pink, prayer, and singing.
Memories of her giggle, love for live, and friendly spirit.

Lord, we have this moment,
We ask for nothing more
Than for You to guide our roaming
Until heavenward we soar.