Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hands and Feet

I've been running through rain that I thought would never end. 

In over your head, feeling like you're drowning,
When you want to cry for help but
Your voice is trapped beneath all the water and pain
And no one seems to notice or care.
God will help you through.
But maybe His plan was that the church would be His hands and feet.
So what happens when the church is too busy gossiping and comparing themselves?
Since when did the church become a place of "I'm better than you"?
Since when was winning an argument more important than saving a soul?
And there's no one to turn to because they are either too busy, would judge you, or would talk about you to others.
So you drive home fast and turn up the volume
Hoping that the adrenalin rush and noise will drown out the pain.
Because you can't spend one more drive home crying.
They don't know your past or what you've survived,
Because they never cared enough to ask.
They just assume that they understand
When they have no idea.
I don't want to be like that.
I want to be a church that cares about sinners
More than they care about looking good.
I want to be the lifeline to others where no one has been for me.
I want to be the one someone can call at 3am,
And not worry about me being annoyed or talking about them with my friends.
I want to be Gods hands and feet.


  1. This is convicting; I want to be His hands and feet too. Thank you for sharing. xx