Friday, September 30, 2016

That Awkward Moment

okay, so please allow me a moment of regret....
some days I'm not sure how anyone can manage to be so awkward.
I am awkward, not all the time, but wayy more often than I want to be.
are you an awkward person?
if so, then you know the agony, pure agony, that I go through.
some days it's so bad that I'm not sure how I even have friends!
like, I'm not sure if I would be friends with me!
why is it that some people are more awkward than others?
why am I more awkward some days than others?
goodness, if you have the answers I'll love you forever.
but otherwise, my moment of regret is up,
and I should move on with my life now.
and my never-ending attempts to be less awkward.

and just for fun... here are some buzzfeeds
because what good is being awkward if you can't at least laugh at yourself?
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  1. Oh my, I relate to this a lot. You're not alone! I seem to be very socially awkward, and yes, wonder how I have friends too. Then I go and replay all the embarrassing moments in my mind, and feel even more awkward.. :P

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not alone! Playing it over in your mind is the worst part of it all. I just have to laugh or else I'll go crazy!!

  2. Hehe, my sister says I'm awkward, and I think I am, but not as much as she says. Whatever the case, I don't care that much. It's wonderful to be able to laugh at yourself!

    1. Weirdly, my best friend and family insist that I'm not as awkward as I say I am, but I'm pretty sure they just don't happen to be around at my most awkward moments!