Sunday, October 2, 2016

Beautiful Lives

we live beautiful lives, my love.
we breathe in the sunshine
and dance in the starlight.
the world spins around us
     at a dizzying speed,
but you grab my hand and whisper
     we are all we need.
as time slows and earth passes us by,
let's laugh in the twilight
and hold hands in the moonlight.
our words string on into the night
    like a peaceful mountain stream
    // unhurried and calm.
this is the substance that dreams are made of.
when we would rather be awake than sleep.
the world is unaware of what we share
rushing on its tedious track.
promise me one thing, love,
before you leave.
promise me just this one thing.
tell me you'll hang on tight and never let go.
promise me we'll live in the moment
and savor its beauty.