Thursday, October 6, 2016

Deep Waters


who can understand himself?
show me the man and i'll show you a legend.
we are deep creatures with heavy mysteries.
what is an emotion that we can experience it?
who has written a language to converse about them?
and who can interpret their meanings?

deep waters appear to be still.
but currents flow beneath its surface.
it is the same with people.
some personalities feel more deeply.
when you look at them, they look like a still sea.
calm and beautiful in their disguise.
but once you jump in, you'll begin to realize
just how many struggles they go through
    // beneath the surface.

shallow waters appear to be tumultuous,
but i have found -
these people often don't understand their feelings.
they live life without truly feeling it.
and sometimes they have to jump into the deep waters
     // to understand themselves.

and so, although i've always longed to be understood,
i am beginning to realize
God has given me this gift.
the gift of feeling, so intensely.
so intensely that i can help others feel.
i not only understand my own emotions,
but the emotions of others.
and while, at first glance, it seems like a curse,
it is actually one of life's greatest blessings -
to be able to help someone else feel, see,
    // and maybe even understand, just a little.