Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Connection, Beauty, and Love

the last flowers of summer are fading, love,
and fall has awakened with a beautiful blush.
we meander down the street
     as the wind and leaves race past us
     // painting the background with a rustling symphony.
you glance over at me with love in your eyes,
    those deep, dancing eyes.
and your gentle, playful laugh warms the air.
we talk about everything, we talk about nothing.
we whisper our hopes and our dreams.
we shout our fears in the wind.
as twilight paints over the brilliant colors of autumn,
the moon smiles down on us,
     silently listening to the ebb of our conversation
     // wandering like the hidden mountain stream.
the world is in love with our beauty,
the world is in love with our connection.
without it, she fades into gray.
     her luminous hues exist no more.
without our love, the world is ugly, harsh, and unrealistic.
and so you smile as you take my hand,
and pull me on when i want to quit,
for connection, for beauty, for love.