Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Romantic Conclusions


it's when that cute boy grins at you,
or is it when he takes your hand?
when he buys you a bouquet of wildflowers,
or when he stays up late on the phone to you?
it's something we dream about,
we long for and hope for.
that someday we'll find it,
but will we know it when we see it?
i've never experienced earthly romance,
so maybe i'm not the most qualified to talk about it.
but i have experienced a heavenly romance -
and so i think that i am.
there's a lot i don't know about romance,
but here is what i do know.
romance isn't cheap.
no, it doesn't always cost literal money,
but it does cost.
it costs time, it costs vulnerability,
it costs giving yourself when you may get nothing in return.
it costs love, of the deepest sort.
romance, isn't something that anyone can do.
it takes a man.
a strong and brave warrior.
a man who can protect,
and yet cherish at the same time.
a noble and true man
who will uphold right and fight against wrong.
it takes a lady.
a gentle and kind woman.
a lady who can soften the situation with her smile
and firm but calm words.
a pure and generous woman
who is strong enough to forgive and show grace.
romance is when a true man pursues a lady,
romance is when they promise their lives to each other.
romance is when they fight, and he still holds her hand.
romance is when they both make sacrifices,
because they are more concerned about the other's happiness than their own.
romance is when you love someone so much, you would die for them.
this romance is uncommon
this romance is hard fought for and not easily won.
this romance brings pain, trials, and hardships.
but it also brings joy, and love, and peace.
it is something that is unmistakable.
and when the world sees it, they will marvel.
they will stop in their tracks and wonder at its beauty.
how do i have hope for such an impossible standard?
because i serve the God of romance.
He has already written the perfect romance,
and i know that He is fully capable of writing an earthly one for me.
romance isn't cheap, love,
so let's not waste our time with fake romances and broken hearts.
let's run after the God of romance,
and He will write our happily ever afters.

what is romance? 
it's something i've been struggling with lately...
i am a romantic. 
i've always heard the term hopeless romantic,
but lately i heard a new term that i really like - 
hopeful romantic (thanks Hannah at Grace in Everything)
so, this post is inspired by that - 
and is about why i'm a hopeful romantic. ;)

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