Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are You an Artist?

are you an artist? he asked

what is an artist?
would i fit the definition?
is it someone who can draw or one who paints beautiful paintings?
i can draw, and i love to paint, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
the grip of a pencil and the stroke of a brush can feel like an extension of my being.
when you become one with the paper and the ink,
when paint is your medium to express emotions.
but does this make me an artist?
i craft words into pictures, i try to convey beauty in their meaning.
but does this make me an artist of words?
i look at the night sky and marvel at its beauty.
i see it all around - the brilliant details of a freshly fallen leaf.
the way the wind embraces you, or fights against you.
the wrinkles that appear when an old lady smiles at a young child.
i feel it in the warmth of the summer sun smiling down.
in the immaculate softness of a new kitten.
in the cool harshness of the piano keys against my fingers.
i hear it in the ebb and flow of conversations and people around me.
and in nearly silent stillness of the night.
and in the melody of notes that somehow work together to make everything more beautiful.
the first requirement of an artist, is that they find beauty.
life is beauty. and the gift of an artist is to see that beauty. everywhere.
but an artist must also be able to take that beauty and show it to others.
their work makes people stop and think
     "wow, i've never noticed how beautiful that is before!" 
what is an artist? really, truly?
it's not an answer i can give,
i do not know if i am an artist,
but i would love to be one.


  1. Love this. :) Being an artist is so deeply a part of me, I can't imagine living life without art and doing art. I love how you incorporated the importance of beauty into this. Beauty is definitely essential to art, I would say.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I'm glad to know you agree. Here's to beauty <3

  2. May I say that "I've never noticed how beautiful it it to be an artist before?" You put this sooo eloquently! YES!!!! I was just thinking how there are beautiful things all around us that we pass by or enjoy only for the amount of time it takes to snap an Instagram picture. There is so much beauty out there, thank you for reminding us of it and prompting us to seek it!

    1. I totally agree, and I get really passionate about getting people to see the beauty that surrounds them!