Sunday, October 16, 2016

Broken Trust

why must life be so harsh
and love be so cruel?
it bends and breaks
even the best of us.
when hopes go unanswered
and dreams cannot be let go.
love is good, my dear,
it's obsession that steals the joy.
clinging to something so tightly
that it suppresses your life.
when he broke your trust, girl,
why didn't you stop trusting him?
he doesn't deserve your waiting on him,
he'll never live up to your patience.
but with every moment of wasted love,
i watch my friend die on the inside
of a broken, shattered heart.
and i wish i could tell you to
just let him go.
forget and move on.
if only it were that easy.

how do you help someone overcome a broken heart and move on? 

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