Monday, October 24, 2016

That Look

i fall for you, i realized,
when i look in your eyes.
what is that glimpse i always catch?
all i know is it's pure and it's ardent,
     it's soft and gentle,
oh love, it is so much softer,
and so much warmer,
than the most exquisite blanket
that has ever been wrapped around me.
it lumps in my throat and chases my heart.
and i've never felt so excited to get lost
as i do when i look in your eyes.
and it's not just your eyes -
although they are lovely, dark, and deep -
it's that look,
where i almost feel your gentle touch,
it stirs a longing in my soul.
there is no language to describe it.
it isn't something that a mind can even imagine,
until it has been experienced.
and oh, i feel sorry
for those who must live life
without experiencing that look.
for there's nothing on earth, love,
i promise there is absolutely nothing
that can compare to that look in your eyes.

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