Monday, October 24, 2016



i have so much regret, love,
i think of you with pain.
you may think i've forgotten
how we never said goodbye.
you may think i didn't know
how much i broke your heart.
and if we ever meet again,
will you please ask me why?
ask me why i ran,
and i'll tell you through the tears,
that it wasn't because i wanted to hurt you.
it wasn't even because i didn't like you.
truth is, i had never loved anyone
as much as i loved you.
and it scared me.
it absolutely terrified me.
and so i pushed you away,
i pretended i didn't care,
i acted like i didn't know it was you.
and so, like the gentleman you are,
you let me go.
and you'll never know how much
i've cried.
how much i've begged God
to take back those moments.
how much i wish i could run to you
and say i'm sorry and beg for forgiveness.
and if we meet again, please don't be a gentleman.
please make me stay, and ask me hard questions.
tell me that i don't need to be afraid.
please take me in your arms and teach me how to forgive myself.