Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Minuscule Everything


i step out into the cool night air,
glancing up at the stars,
     to look for a reality check. 
the world is unaware of me,
spinning recklessly on her track.
time will not slow for my misery.
what really, truly can i control?
     not much.
and yet, how can i become
     so puffed up, so haughty?
i am a speck of dust,
so intricately put together
that even the microscopic parts of me
work together in perfect unison.
am i responsible for the function of my cells?
did i allot my talents, or give myself understanding?
can i be thanked for words that i type
or thoughts that i think?
yes, i have a choice to use these talents,
     but they are not mine. 
i did not create them or give them to myself.
my life is nothing more than a breath,
a blink in time and it will be over.
in comparison to eternity,
in comparison to even the universe,
i am nothing.
and yet, God is bigger still than all of these.
and He loves me, and He has whispered His promises
     to me. 
i cannot fathom this, but how can i not
give Him my minuscule everything in return?

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