Saturday, October 29, 2016



headlights fading
sun light is breaking
and the world is just you and i
we drive until our eyes close
and we are drunk on laughter
high on emotions of wonder and excitement

it's just us and the wilderness
the beauty of the wild
and the soft spoken sun
hiding behind some clouds
we dance in the untamed grass
and we sing in the rain
we fall in love with the dirt
falling into earth's cool embrace

always wandering
never lost
we don't know where we are
but it only matters who we're with

it's just us and the city
a new frontier of humans
that we've never met before
lives that pass us by 
without a second thought 
a million story lines being written at once
and once in awhile they intersect
once in awhile they become entwined

we wander on in this life of exploration
trying to find our way
or just enjoying the ride

and those who are lucky
discover the secret
those who never give up

we live and we love
we give and take
and at the end of the day
the world just keeps on spinning
and it is beautiful, love
it is all so very beautiful

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